Get Inspired With Diamond Dotz & Fiskars!

Our Notions Commotion event a few months back was full of project inspiration from some of the best in the business...and we really do mean best in the business! These vendors truly care about their customers and want them to have the best experience possible when crafting with their products. We have some great testimonials about brands featured in this blog post!

"These are amazing, and a great company! If anything is missing they send it out to the customer without question...even if the customer spilled the dots- you can't get better service than that!" 

                                                    -Cheryl-Lee on Diamond Dotz

With the Fiskars World Headquarters in WI, I often get the opportunity to test products under development. This is one of the product lines I tested and I found them simple to do by following the package directions. Making a backdrop of different shapes is stunning!"

-Christine on Fiskars Paper Gem Templates 

Today we wanted to showcase two of those unreleased projects. We have a feeling most days this fall will be spent at home so these projects are sure to keep your hands and mind busy while you stay in. 

Fiskars Paper Gem Templates!

Feels like forever ago but here are some images we snapped when Fiskars let us test out their new products. Such a fun visit! All you need to do this project is a fancy paper or cardstock, a hot glue gun (or any kind of adhesive, really), scissors, a scoring stylus, and the Fiskars Paper Gem Templates!

This is such a quick, consistent way to add fun, 3D shapes to your party decor or gifts. Integrated scoring tracks make it easy to cut, score and assemble 3D stars, diamonds, lanterns and more!

Find the project sheet here: https://bit.ly/3fGKfKe

Shop Now: https://bit.ly/2YRbRX9

Diamond Dotz Are Trending!

Diamond Dotz has become a very trendy craft! Quarantine has made us all look for crafts that provide some sort of therapeutic aspect. Methodically placing gemstones on a sticky, color coded surface until you have a work of art seems to do the trick for many people.


Diamond Dotz is an amazing craft where stunning designs are created with tiny “Diamond” like facets. Their Diamond facet art kits will produce a stunning shimmery effect, featuring a broad range of designs that cater to all tastes. Not to mention they are quick and easy to do, the end result is an exquisite Diamond Dotz design that is so visually spectacular that it will have you eager to do more!

Using the Diamond Dotz stylus, simply pick up a facet and place it onto the sticky design surface. Nothing can prepare you for the spectacular sparkling result of your finished project!

Project Sheet: https://bit.ly/3dzv1Vz

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