Adding Images to Resin Art

We're just going to jump right into the project this week because...I mean...look at how cute this coaster turned out! This dachshund will be living happily in the clouds forever. Follow along to find out how exactly he got there. 

Dachshund dog and balloons design by KaylaPhan (https://www.redbubble.com/people/KaylaPhan/shop

First (and arguably most exciting) order of business, is to go to https://www.redbubble.com/ (or a similar website) and pick out stickers. They have so many amazing designs created by such talented artists from all over the world. Shop through their trending or most popular stickers or go ahead and search for an idea you have in mind and there is bound to be one you love. When choosing your sticker for a coaster, be sure it's size small (so it will fit in your coaster mold) and select transparent when it comes time to pick a finish. 

Once your sticker(s) arrive and you're ready to craft, you must begin your project by removing the adhesive off of the back of the sticker. All you need is Goo Gone and a paper towel. After a bit of scrubbing, you will notice it comes right off. It's all about trial and error. We originally tried it with the adhesive still on the sticker but it left a bit of a milky layer around the sticker. Therefore to prevent any unwanted residue in your finished creation, don't forget this step! 

Shop Goo Gone products here: https://bit.ly/3gAaIsv

Now it's time to mix- this is the super easy part! Thanks to Alumilite, they make it easy for us to get the perfect resin mixture. Simply pour equal parts "A" and "B" parts together and mix until all of the swirls are gone (don't forget to scrape the sides as you go) and slowly pour the resin to avoid air bubbles. If you do have bubbles, pop them with a toothpick or use a lighter.

Shop Alumilite Amazing Cast Resin here: https://bit.ly/31vbG4S

Pour a thin layer of well mixed resin into the coaster mold. Then go ahead and place your sticker so that the front of the sticker is FACE DOWN. Finish by covering the rest of the sticker with resin.

IMPORTANT TIP: Be sure to continue to check on your sticker as the resin cures. You may have to nudge/press down the sticker into place occasionally until it sets up enough.

Bones and Botany design by E. Moss (https://www.redbubble.com/people/edemoss/shop)
Succulove design by Haley Luden (https://www.redbubble.com/people/haleyluden/shop)

Customize it how you'd like. Leave it plain with just your image or add extra color and sparkle to your project with American Crafts Color Pour Mix-Ins. Both ways will turn out amazing!

Shop American Crafts Color Pour Resin, Mix-Ins & Molds here: https://bit.ly/3b1VPxF

Now let the resin dry for approximate 24 to 48 hours or until the resin is not sticky or super bendable when touched. Once it's fully dried, remove from mold and you should be left with something like this...major heart eyes!

We have been doing so many things virtually these past few months, including tons of Zoom hang outs. Maybe for your next virtual wine craft night with your friends, you can take a crack at this project! Each of your friends can be assigned one person to make a coaster for. Think Secret Santa and pick a sticker of something you think they would love. No one will know which ones there's will be until the end, keeping everyone guessing. Be sure to tag #SupplyingCreativity on Instagram so we can see your finished creations! 

Crafting is such a positive outlet to express yourself and stay connected with friends and family. These coasters would be a great gift to let people know you're thinking of them. Every time they go to put down their morning coffee or tea, they'll see your coaster and be reminded of you. 

Happy crafting!

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  1. Notions Marketing and Redbubble... my 2 favourites together making fun crafty creations! Love what you've made using RB stickers :) FYI, the RB stickers are a vinyl type of paper that is long lasting, durable and fade resistant. "Georgiegirl" is my name in RB by the way! Stay safe over there and keep smiling :D