Groovy Tie Dye Techniques for Summer

It's finally Summer! It seems like last week that it was still snowing here in Michigan! A lot of summer activities are cancelled this year (going to miss you, concert and festival season!) but there's no reason you cant have your own Woodstock in your own backyard or apartment balcony! Tie Dye is a fun craft for kids of all ages, and can be used on many different projects! Gather up your kids and friends and embrace your inner flower-child with these fun Tie Dye products and techniques!

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Traditional Tie Dye 

Traditional tie dye is a great, creative technique that just about everyone can do. Techniques like the classic twist, bunching, and folding all create unique patterns! Try these tie dye techniques from our friends at Tulip: Tie Dye Your Summer! 

Kid-Friendly Tie Dye Kits

Picture of Tulip Tie Dye kits
Always a popular summer camp craft, the classic tie dye t-shirt is always a hit with kids. How often do your parents encourage you to color on your shirt?!  This craft would be perfect for a kid's birthday party. Your child's guests get to make their own party favor. Just warn their parents ahead of time that things might get messy! :)

Shibori Technique with Rit Dyes

Are super bright colors just not your thing? Are you looking for a more subdued, sophisticated, grown up look to your tie dye? Rit dyes have you covered. Shop Rit Dyes

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth, binding it and then dyeing it with indigo. Rit has assembled an easy-to-use kit that includes everything needed to create a wide range of unique shibori patterns. The Indigo Shibori Kit includes Indigo All-Purpose Dye, rubber bands, twine, squares, gloves and simple instructions. It also includes ColorStay Dye Fixative, to reduce bleeding and fading. Perfect for many types of fabric, including cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon, ramie or nylon. This kit can also be used with any other shade from Rit's All-Purpose line. 

Make sure you pick up the ColorStay Dye Fixative!

Precision Tie Dye 

If traditional tie dyeing techniques seem a little too messy for you, why not try an alternative method? 

Tulip Color Shot

These fabric dyes come in handy spray bottles for precision and stenciling! Like the traditional tie dyeing, you can bunch up your fabric and secure it with rubber bands spritz away! Overlap your sprays to create an ombre effect! Put down a plastic stencil, vinyl sticker to leave negative space shapes! This technique is great for precise color. Shop Tulip ColorShot

Tie Dye with Alcohol Inks

Alcohol inks have taken the craft world by storm! Who knew they were so versatile? Check out this video below to see how to dye a scarf using alcohol ink from Brea Reese!

All this technique needs is the alcohol ink and some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol! There are many alcohol ink brands out there, from Brea Reese to Tim Holtz and beyond. Shop Alcohol Ink Programs.

Want even MORE precision? Make watercolor techniques using permanent, fabric, or alcohol ink markers! Just draw and spray with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol! Tip: If you don't want your design to bleed through to the other side of your shirt, put a piece of cardboard inside! This technique also works great on making some tie dye sneakers, totes, and other detailed objects. 

Happy Tie Dyeing!

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