The Hook Nook - Now at Notions!

We are excited to announce that the Hook Nook (an American Crafts brand in association with designer Jessica Carey) is now available at Notions! With a variety of yarn weights and colors, ergonomic and stylish hooks and tools, and adorable accessories, this new brand is sure to draw in a younger crowd of fiber crafters! Check out the video below to learn more about the brand and its creator, Jessica.

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The Hook Nook line has a lot of pretty and trendy items to draw in a younger crowd. The clear resin hooks are fresh and unlike anything else on the market, with their ergonomic shape and fun colors! They also come in JUMBO sizes!

The yarns are yummy as well; they come in a variety of weights and trend-forward colors to update your yarn stash! It's soft, colorful, and so versatile!

  • The Main Squeeze: Made from 100% acrylic material, and comes in a worsted weight. 
  • Yummy: Made from 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and comes in a bulky weight. 
  • Small Stuff: Made from 100% acrylic material, and comes in a DK weight. 
  • Ginormous: Made from 100% wool, and comes in a jumbo weight, perfect for all your oversized projects. 

The accessories from this line are stellar! One of the very cool new items is the Yarn Passport! It's a great way to not only keep track of your yarns (and any notes you may need about them), but also a way to ditch your stash of yarn labels! There are little notches in the pages to tie on your yarn scrap so you'll have a reference when you need it.

There are also gridded sheets, section dividers, pocket pages for holding patterns and photos, and even a space for photos of your finished projects! It comes in a convenient 8x12 inch size so you can toss is in your bag and bring it along. There are 42 pages total, and comes with an elastic band closure.

Speaking of your bag, check out this adorable project bag! With a stylish felted wool exterior, polyester-silk lining, and faux leather shoulder straps, it's great for carrying your laptop, tablet, yarn passport, notions kit, yarn, and current project!
This bag is a nice catch all, but organization in the bag is also important! Also in this line are an interchangeable crochet hook set (two handles,  6 interchangeable crochet hook tips in sizes G/4.25mm, H/5mm, I/5.25mm, J/5.75mm) K/6.5mm) and L/8mm), a portable hook storage roll, a notions set in a felt case (to match your project bag!), and skein savers to keep your skeins from getting tangled in transit!

Are you a fan of the knitting loom trend? This set includes four round looms in sizes 5", 7", 9", and 11", a silver metal hook, and plastic needle.
Now, my favorite part: the garment tags, enamel pins and notions! The Hook Nook has everything you need for a fun, unique, stylish project you'll want to show off all over social media!

There's so much more to explore with this collection, so head on over to our store site and Shop Hook Nook Here!

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