It's Letter Writing Month! Pens, Markers, Journals and Planners

April is Letter Writing Month

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We've all been cooped up as of late and missing our friends. What better way to connect than writing beautiful letters? Calligraphy has been around for centuries as a way of not only communication, but artistic expression through those letters. Manuscript pens, inks, nibs and more will take your letters to the next level. When was the last time you used an actual inkwell with a quill? Seal it with a wax seal and send it on its way! Guaranteed to make you feel fancy.

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If you think dipping a pen into ink sounds too messy, Manuscript also makes calligraphic markers and pens you can throw in your pen bag a little easier. The nice thing about these pens is the variety of tips and sizes. Perfect for hand lettering!

Planner and Journal Programs!

The younger paper crafters don’t seem to be drifting toward traditional scrapbooks anymore. In the digital age of media, they are collecting their photos on their phones or using instagram as their “photo album.” This doesn’t mean that they no longer have printed keepsakes and memories to keep, and that’s where journaling and planners come in; Memory Journals and Planners are taking the craft scene by storm.

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Younger crafters enjoy the open creativity involved in creating a bullet journal. They can doodle in the margins, paste in their ticket stubs and photo booth pictures, write a little about the experience, and move on to the next page. Using the bullet journal method, they can keep track of everything from their calendars, appointments and to-do lists to mood, habit, and health tracking. Some use them as recipe books or reading journals!

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Hand calligraphy is a hit with the journaling crowd! They count on a variety of pen types to create their spreads, depending on their personal style preference. Some prefer felt tip, others prefer gel pens. Supporting a journaling section in your stores is a great way to move products more generally associated with office supplies than crafts.

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Don’t count the paper crafts scene out quite yet! Multimedia is huge in the art journal community! Watercolors, sprays and distress crayons are a great way to punch up your page. Layer a variety of materials on top of each other to create interesting effects! 

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Not the drawing type? Stamps, stickers and ephemera/die-cuts are huge for the Planner/Journal keeper crowd, like these from Oh, Hello Co. Traditional scrapbooking items work great for journaling as well. Coordinating Paper Craft programs are perfect for creating themed spreads. There are even stamps and stickers made specifically for planners! Washi tape works great for dividers and header backgrounds. Use a fun paper to make a pocket on your page to hold cards or notes! The possibilities are literally endless.

The Happy Planner Shop Now

It wouldn't be a post about planners and journals without mentioning The Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas. MAMBI is always coming out with new planners and notebooks that fit whatever you need to keep track of. Whether you're a teacher, a fitness guru, or just someone who needs a lot of reminding, there's always something in the Happy Planner line for everyone. 

The great thing about keeping a memory journal or planner is the ability to create a work of art every day, and keep it all together in a bound book. If you're a fan of keeping multiple mini journals for your travelers, try a traveler's journal! These are perfect for keeping mini journals and notes together to scrapbook your travels without having a huge album.

Get your pens, paper or journal and make some art today!

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