Crochet Crown Stash Buster Inspo

Has cabin fever set in? Are you looking at your big yarn project and feeling overwhelmed or a little less motivated than when you started it?

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for an afternoon project break! A cute little trend we’ve been seeing this winter is fancy ear warmers, like these little crowns! Whether you’re itching to try a new yarn, or looking for some stash busters, these crowns are a hit with children and adults alike!

Give your brain some freedom and stretch your creative muscles to make your own crown pattern! The more unique the better. 

There are plenty of patterns out there, (a quick Pinterest search will yield you many to choose from) here's one similar to the result of my "winging it." 

You just need to nail down some basics for yourself:
  • Are you going to crochet or knit?
    • These are crochet.
  • What is the gauge of the yarn? 
    • Can usually be found on the yarn label. (ex: 4"x4" = 15st x 19rows)
  • What size hat are you looking to make?
    • The example above in yellow is a 6-9 month old hat, about 15 inches around for the band.
    • Here's a good sizing chart from Lion Brand!
    • To figure out how many stitches you need to make the correct size band, refer to the gauge on the yarn label and do the math! (Easily the least fun part of yarn work!)

I tried a few different patterns and techniques in making the two above, using mainly single, half-double, front-post double, half-double back loop only crochet, and shell stitch. For these, I started with the band and worked my way up (the dome was done separately...top down from a magic circle and then seamed to the crown on the inside.)

Experiment and try some new stitches and yarns you haven't had the opportunity to use yet!

Happy Hooking!

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