Shape Shifter Cookies!

It’s January–the Christmas trees have been taken down, and the wrapping paper and bows have been put away for the year. After a month of Christmas cookie swaps and lots of overeating, you probably don’t want to look at another cookie for at least another month. Alas, with the winter holidays out of the way, the spring ones are waiting in the wings. School Valentine’s Day parties are only a month away, with Easter not far behind, not to mention the occasional baby or bridal shower!

We’ve all been there: It’s a few days before the big party and you’re scrambling to get the final errands crossed off what feels like a never-ending list. Before you go digging through your cookie cutters for that single heart cutter you have, check out this fun “Mini Shape Shifter” set from American Crafts and Sweet Sugarbelle! These mini cookie cutters are bite size and perfect for treat bags. The best part: They’re designed to make multiple designs from one shape! No longer do you have a single use cookie cutter, but 40 that can be used for multiple occasions, or just changing up the variety in your cookie plate with a single cutter.

To demonstrate the versatility of these cutters, we used this sugar cookie recipe from Owl B Baking and the following items from Sweet Sugarbelle and Wilton.
  • Sweet Sugarbelle - Mini Cookie Cutter Set 41/pkg - 588419
  • Wilton Cookie Icing 9oz/ 2pkg - 201676 (seasonal - may be unavailable)
  • Wilton Ready-to-use Royal Icing - 347416
  • Wilton Gel Food Colors .3oz 4/pkg - 336207
  • Piping bags

You want those instagram-worthy cookies for your guests, but the thought of making 20 different colors of icing is anxiety inducing. Royal icing is a hurdle most home bakers dread. It’s messy, and getting the ratios right is difficult (too thick and it won’t level out to a smooth layer, too thin and it’ll drip off the sides of your cookie and make a mess…) Wilton’s Ready-to-use Royal Icing makes frosting your cookies quicker and easier (we are all about the easier option!) Just add water to thin it out to the consistency you prefer! 

      Tip: Add a little powdered lemon juice to the mix. It offsets the sweetness of the icing and gives your cookie a fresh zest! Want to try different flavors?  Try the Cake and Icing Flavor Kits by Wilton!

The icing is white, so you can add gel food coloring (we like the Wilton ones, but they are highly concentrated so use sparingly!) to change up your colors and the best part: it won’t change the consistency of your icing!

      Note: Royal Icing takes a long time to dry! It can take anywhere between 4 and 24 hours to harden. You may be worried that your cookies will dry out and become rocks in the open air. The nice thing about the recipe above is the amount of butter is going to keep them soft, so don’t worry about them drying out.

There you go! Some fancy cookies for your spring holiday parties or celebratory get-togethers! Pack them into treat bags with a cute embellishment, or enjoy with your coffee/tea!


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