Mother's Day Apron with Cookie Cutter Painting

Create a Mother's Day Apron with Cookie Cutters! Perfect for young children.

A simple way to get creative for Mother’s day, especially great for young children, is with a cookie cutter painting activity! 

Using cookie cutters is such a fun and creative way to make art. Plus! It’s a way for the child to work on math, color theory, and fine motor skills. We used Sweet Sugarbelle shape shifter cookie cutters (80/Pkg) and Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint 12/Pkg for our apron design. Using cookie cutters and fabric paint is a great versatile way to create a unique gift for any holiday all year around. In this case, we enjoyed going through all the shapes and selecting which ones would be perfect for Mom. 

When we took the aprons out of the package they were creased, so prepare the material before painting with a steamer or iron to eliminate the creases. After that, we used clamps to prevent the apron from being blown away. We used a variety of colors with an emphasis of purple because it’s our mom's favorite color, of course! Depending on your child's age, pour the paint into a shallow pan or in this case small cups. When applying the cookie cutters to the material (apron) try out different techniques like stamping the cookie cutters or using a foam brush to paint and trace the inside. 

This where your child's imagination will come to life! They can also express their ideas and emotions through art and discover their own sense of creativity. 

Mother's Day Cookie Cutter Apron

Skill level: Young Children

Apron: Adult Apron Value Pack
Sponge Brush: Poly-Sponge Brush
Cookie Cutters: Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Cookie Cutters 80/Pkg
Fabric Paint: Whichever kind you like, but try Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint 12/Pkg
Clamps: Craft Clamps 6/Pkg

Step One: Set up your workstation.
We did this activity outdoors and it can easily be done indoors. When setting up consider the amount of brushes, cookie cutters, water, towels and supplies so you can create with little interruption. 

Step Two: Prepare the paint.
Depending on your child's age we recommend that you adjust this part of the process. Below we have a seven year old using paint cups and foam brushes. If your child is younger try using a shallow pan and fill it with one color of paint. This will be easier for the child to dab the cookie cutter into the paint.  

Step Three: Start Painting!
This was our favorite part! We picked out all things that our mom would love which included: ice cream, cake, coffee, hearts and an engagement ring. Extra purple for her favorite color. 

Step Four: Let it dry!
We love this project because it's unique, personalized and made with love!

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