Earth Day 2022

It’s finally springtime, which means it’s time to start planting your flowers!
Help out the monarch butterflies and other local pollinators a boost with these seed bombs!

Notions Marketing contacted the Live Monarch organization in honor of Earth Day 2022. With the Monarch butterfly on the brink of extinction (that could occur in our lifetime) we put together take home packets for our employees. Each packet included all the materials it takes to generate milkweed plants (crucial to monarchs survival) and an easy/fun way to ensure they flourish. 

By creating these garden seed bombs you'll be part of an amazing experience in the form of living caterpillars and butterflies when your milkweed plants start to grow. Join our staff in creating a butterfly sanctuary and community resource right at home! 

Click below to receive your own supply of milkweed seeds. Lets collectively make an effort to save Monarch butterflies!

Garden Seed Bombs

6 pieces of Construction Paper, assort. colors
3-5 pkg. Flower Seeds (we added some wildflower seeds and fertilizer to the mix as well)
Food Processor (or tear up with your hands / scissors)


1. Cut each piece of paper into about 1-inch squares and put them into a small dish. Keep each paper color in its own dish.

2. Fill each dish with water just until the paper is covered. Soak the paper for about 20 minutes.

3. Take one of the bowls of paper and wring it out about halfway. Put it in the food processor and pulse the paper into a pulp. Repeat this with all the paper colors and put the pulp back into each of their            bowls.

4. Sprinkle some seeds into each bowl of paper, mix them in a little, and press the pulp and seeds into balls. If the pulp is a little dry, put a few sprinkles of water on the pulp. (It will help it to hold its            shape better.)

5. Set the seed balls on a sheet pan or egg carton to dry overnight.

If you do plant milkweed seeds always plan ahead and grow more than you think you may need.
One caterpillar will eat up to twenty or more large leaves! We hope that you'll create various colorful seed bombs of your own and join us in effort to save the Monarch Butterfly population. 

We would love to see your finished project! Share with us on Instagram and include #supplyingcreativity so we can check it out!

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