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Hi everyone! It’s Lynda Kanase from i-crafter here on the Notions blog with a mixed media, Zip Gift Tag project featuring painting with our i-Brush Blender Brushes and some easy doodling! 

Try these four different techniques to make lots of Zip Gift Tags for gift giving or beautiful art projects. 

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1. Cut several manila folders in half along the fold. Place on a covered surface to protect work surface from paint. Apply gesso in a line along one side. Use an old gift card to drag the gesso across the manila folder to create a smooth surface.



Repeat on as many of the manila folders as needed. Dry completely.

2. Gather your acrylic paints, i-Brush Blender Brushes, paint palette and a plastic bowl lined with a wet paper towel. The i-Brush Blender Brushes are more durable to handle painting with acrylic paints. Make sure that the acrylic paint does not dry on your i-Brush Blender Brushes by placing them in a plastic bowl on a wet paper towel between applications. When finished, be sure to wash your i-Brush Blender Brushes well. 

If you are going to stop for an extended amount of time, wash your i-Brushes and lay flat to dry.

3. Blended Dot Technique, begin applying short strokes of one color of acrylic paint along the top of a gesso base using an i-Brush Blender Brush. Working quickly, blend in the next color. Apply clear glaze to help blend colors. Continue blending additional colors until the entire front of the gesso base {manila sheet coated with gesso} is covered. Apply random short brush strokes across the background. Set aside to dry completely. 

4. Stencil Technique: begin by placing stencils on the gesso base. Using the old gift card again, apply another layer of gesso through the stencils to create a raised pattern. Remove the stencils and wash immediately. Set aside the gesso base to dry completely. After the gesso base is dried, apply acrylic paint, randomly blending colors or follow the stencil pattern. 

5. Die Cut Pieces Technique: Die cut various flowers from another gesso base using the Floral Garden die set. Randomly adhere them onto a gesso base. Once dry, apply acrylic paint allowing paint to pool around the raised shapes as colors are blended. 

6. Water Blend Technique: Using a spritzer, apply a generous amount of water to a gesso base. Use the i-Brush Blender Brush to apply paint to the one edge. Tilt the gesso base and spritz with more water allowing the paint to run and bleed together. Continue to add paint and water until the colors flow nicely. 

7. Once all of the gesso bases are completely dry, trim to fit into a die cutting machine. For the front of the tags, use the Zip Gift Tag die without the zip insert. 

8. Samples of the Blended Dot Technique die cut to show variations.

9. Completed samples of the Blended Dot Technique: Use the opaque white marker to doodle lines onto the blended dots. We created paisley patterns and modified feather pattern doodles.

10. Stencil Technique sample: Doodle on just selected areas of the raised pattern created by the stencil. 

11. Samples of the Die Cut Technique to show variations. 

12.Completed samples of the Die Cut Technique: Trace or doodle on both the background and raised areas of the die cut layers. 

13. Completed samples of the Water Blend Technique: Doodle thick and thin lines that exaggerate the flow of the paint. 


14. Die cut the Zip Gift Tags, with the zipper insert, from solid cardstock. Note that the zipper insert piece has the word “TOP” on the back of the die. Align the TOP closest to the top of the tag when die cutting. We suggest using the i-Mend MAGNETIC PRO Deck to make die cutting easy. The zipper insert will remain in place so there is no need for additional tape to hold it in place. Die cut enough Zip Gift Tag backings to match all of the tag fronts. 

15. For each completed Zip Gift Tag, you will need the painted front, a die cut zipper back and a gift card. Apply a thin bead of liquid adhesive around the edges of the Zip Gift Tag back piece. Do not apply adhesive on the zipper die area. Place the gift card on the zipped tag being careful to avoid touching the adhesive. 

16. Layer the tag front onto the back carefully sandwiching the gift card between the two tag shapes. Press the edges together to securely close the Zip Gift Tag. For the recipient: To open, gently pull open the zipped closure on the back of the tag. 

17. Each tag is unique and can be embellished further if desired. 

Our i-Brush Blender Brushes are strong enough to handle all of these techniques using acrylic paint. These Zip Gift Tags can be created using paint and collage techniques, just painting, doodling, stamping or whatever you feel comfortable trying. This project is designed to help you experiment with different techniques. The possibilities are endless! They make a perfect base to start so many creative projects. 

I hope you enjoyed these multi media / doodling Zip Gift Tag projects. For more inspiration, visit i-crafter.com. Happy crafting!

Lynda Kanase

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