Upgrade Your Gingerbread Game This Holiday Season!

We’re highlighting a couple gingerbread projects that will give you some inspiration for the whole family as we get closer to the holiday season!

Gingerbread houses are a must-do craft during the holidays. It requires you to become a #bakeineer (baker + engineer which is a term we borrowed from our newest baking show obsession on Netflix: Baking Impossible! Great show to have on in the background.) while you assemble your structure. 

Is it just us or do you ever feel like your gingerbread house turns out looking the same as those you built and designed in previous years? Wilton's here with fresh gingerbread kits to re-invigorate your holiday baking!

Build your own gingerbread houses with these newly arrived kits, such as a Winter Castle Gingerbread Kit, Dog House Gingerbread Kit, Christmas Camper Gingerbread Kit, Birdhouse Gingerbread Kit and more!  

They also have a helpful blog post showing over 20 different ways to decorate gingerbread houses this season. Don’t be afraid to get creative this time around! 

Showcasing some of our favorites from that blog post below!

"Here are some easy gingerbread house decorating techniques that can transform your drab gingerbread house into a festive home bursting with Christmas cheer! With five simple tips, you can learn how to make windows, doors, wreaths, garland, icicles & trees in no-time!"

With 72 NEW Wilton products available, be sure to stock up ASAP!

Still on the gingerbread train with the NEW Perler Gingerbread House kit! 

If you’re in search of a for less messy and more traditional-looking project that will double as a decoration you can display every Christmas, this one’s for you and the family!

This Gingerbread House Kit by Perler is a 3-dimensional holiday design features a home dripping with sweetness, as well as Santa, a reindeer, a friendly snowman, and some tasty treats.

Create simple bead shapes, snap together when cool, no glue required and includes festive figures to spice up your scene! 

Including this Perler Ironing Tips video only seemed necessary before tackling the 10,000 bead gingerbread house creation!

We would love to see your finished gingerbread houses. Share with us on Instagram and include #supplyingcreativity so we can check it out!

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