Halloween Resin Jewelry!

 It's almost fall, and you know what that means: Spooky Season! Halloween is going to be here sooner than you think, so why not make some goth glam jewelry, perfect for the holiday?

This project was inspired purely from Finnabair's new silicone moulds. The bones, wings, and skulls are perfect for Halloween, and the matte texture on the mould really makes the wings look smooth and soft! There are a lot of silicone moulds out there to choose from. Between our vendor partners and independent artists, you're sure to find something to your taste! 

For this project, we're using Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast Resin, American Crafts Color Pour mix-ins and dyes (transparent and opaque), the Finnabair Bones and Wings mould, and a mould from an artist on Etsy. 

We're using opaque and transparent black dyes and gold leaf in this jewelry set, but you could use the glitter, moss or dried floral for a dark and pretty effect as well! Click here for product list!

When working with resin, there are a few very important rules to follow:
  1. Mix the two parts well. If you don't mix parts A and B long enough or in equal amounts, the resin will not set up or will be very sticky. Mix until there are no more swirls!
  2. Make sure you protect your workspace and your hands! Lay down some packing paper or newspaper on your work surface to catch any drips or spills, and always wear gloves (getting resin off your hands is tough.) If you get resin on your hands, wash with warm soapy water, and if that doesn't work, try something like Goo-Gone!
  3. Once the resin has begun to set up, do not mess with it. Allow the resin to cure completely before touching it. After a certain amount of time, you'll only cause fingerprints, air bubbles, and sharp peaks, so better to leave it be.
Now that that's done, let's get started!

Once you've thoroughly mixed up your resin, add the dyes to it and mix again! For this project, I used 3 drops of each (3 transparent, 3 opaque) for a consistent color, mix until completely combined. For a more marbled effect, mix less! Pour into the moulds and get your gold flakes ready for the next step.

With a toothpick or tweezers, pick up pieces of gold leaf and sprinkle it in amongst the resin. I used a toothpick to place it in the resin and break it up and push it under the surface. TIP: Do not open the gold leaf near a window or a fan! It's very light and will blow everywhere!

Once the resin has cured (this can take anywhere between 8 and 24 hours depending on the thickness of the piece), pop it out of the mould and do any necessary clean up with a craft knife or blade. In the picture below, notice the difference in the textures between the matte textured wings and the gloss texture of the snakes! If you prefer your bat wings to be shiny, use a clear acrylic coat on the wings once completely cured.

Now the final part, add jewelry findings to make your jewelry! I like the snakes for earrings, but you could also put one on a long chain for a necklace! The bat wings will require a jewelry drill bit to add chains for a necklace, and/or glue pins to the back to make a fun collar pin set (bonus: add chain between the wings to give it a little glam!) What do you think? Necklace or collar pins?



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