Celebrating Service: Nurses and Teachers

It's a very special week! Not only is today National Nurses Day and the beginning of National Nurses Week but it’s also Teacher Appreciation Week and on Tuesday it was World Teachers Day. 

Being a part of the crafting industry, we have the ability to create one-of-a-kind gifts from the heart that mean the world to those who receive them. 

We are Celebrating Service and dedicating this blog to remind everyone to use their love of crafting to create something special for those everyday heroes.  

In this new and challenging environment I think we can all agree that teachers and nurses deserve a little extra appreciation. It doesn’t take much to show these amazing individuals how much you notice them and all their hard work; however, finding a gift that is unique and thoughtful can be a struggle at times. Below you will find inspiration on different ideas on how you can show them some love. 


1.) Jill from Create Craft Love came up with a beautiful design for Nurses Week. Perfect present for those nurses to slip out of their dirty scrubs after a long shift and into a cute, comfy t-shirt. #NurseLife 

Cricut Machines: https://bit.ly/2PU0njB

Vinyl: https://bit.ly/3nV29xm

2.) Everyone loves handmade cards. Stock up on nurse/doctor paper crafts so you're always prepared when you need to quickly create the perfect, personalized Thank You card.

Shop Now! https://bit.ly/3vN84HC

3.) Craft something they can cherish for years to come. Add nurse/doctor themed fabrics to your cart!

Shop Now! https://bit.ly/3xPD0Jh


1.) Create a gift that they can wear all day! Head over to Jessica's blog, Young at Heart Mommy, to download this free "Thank you for helping me grow" Cricut design. 

2.) Lesson plans, virtual math class, and video parent teacher conferences, oh my! Keep track of it all in your teacher planner.

Shop Now! https://bit.ly/3b7h1Um

3.) Needle Art crafts have become very popular within the last year. Give your child’s teacher a homemade they can display in their classroom.

Shop Now! https://bit.ly/33oagJD

4.) Make the perfect thank you card for your child's teacher!

Shop Now! https://bit.ly/3f0uH4M

5.) Help your child make a gift like crepe flowers or give the gift of supplies for class planning!

Shop Now! https://bit.ly/3nKrA4Z




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