Hi everyone! It’s Lynda Kanase from i-crafter here on the Notions blog with a fun project to celebrate Earth Day!


My Mini Album, Accordion die set is super simple to make that doesn’t require anything fancy for binding. There are also lots of additional shapes in the die set to allow for more creative fun.

Because today is Earth Day, I used my Mini Album die to make a junk journal using recycled papers as the pages. I gathered used envelopes, vintage maps, paper grocery bags and even an old plastic business card holder from a planner long gone. 

So before you throw out that used envelope, die cut some pages for your junk journal and feel good about saving the planet! Happy Earth Day!


Supplies by i-crafter:

Additional Materials:


1. Gather papers to repurpose. I used cereal boxes, envelopes, paper bags, maps and old planner pages among other items.

2. The main pieces to make the junk journal are the Page Spread, Single Page, Spine and Stick.

3. For this project, die cut seven Spines and 10 Sticks. You can choose to have more or less pages.

4. Spines have crease lines. Fold in half first. Then fold each long edge back to the center fold to create an accordion fold. Lay them out starting with an upward “W” then a downward “M”. Repeat. Adhere the last upward flap of the first Spine to the back of the first downward flap of the second Spine.

5. Adhere the first upward flap of the third Spine to the last downward flap of the second Spine.

6. Repeat until all Spines are attached.

7. Using recycled materials, die cut 10 Page Spreads, 6 Single Pages and various shapes included with the die set.


8. Each Page Spread has a slit in the middle.  

9. Place the slit over the raised Spine.

10. Insert the Stick into the Spine to secure the Page Spread in place. Repeat for all pages.

11. FRONT COVER: die cut a Single Page out of an old map. Tear along the right edge and adhere. Secure the flap with washi tape. Die cut 3 globes out of the Hello World set and adhere into a stack. Trim off the globe stand. Adhere the Earth on the cover.

12. RECYCLED CARD STOCK PAGE SPREAD: adhere a die cut globe from the Hello World set. Apply Distress Paint in Tumbled Glass and Peeled Paint.

13. The set also includes dies that cut negative shapes to embellish pages.

14. PAPER BAG PAGE SPREAD: after applying Distress Paint, adhere a photo or ephemera and embellish.

15. Die cut several Pockets. Fold back along crease lines on both sides and bottom.

16. Adhere Pocket. Embellish with washi tape. Adhere the word Adventure. Insert photo into pocket.

17. DAY PLANNER PAGE SPREAD: add journaling throughout the junk journal. Adhere a tag to the center Spine. Apply Distress Paint.

18. Die cut the edge of a Single Page using the notebook edge die included with the set. Adhere the Single Page to the Page Spread.

19. To die cut odd sized pages like this plastic business card holder, overlap the center blade on the Page Spread die and die cut.

20. PLASTIC BUSINESS CARD PAGE SPREAD: apply Distress Paint on left page. Insert the business card holder page to the Spine like other Page Spreads.

21. POCKET PAGE SPREAD: fold up along the bottom of the paper to be cut.

22. To avoid die cutting the bottom of the Pocket Page Spread, overlap the bottom blade along the folded bottom so it does not cut the paper.

23. After die cutting, stitch along both sides and around the slit in the middle for added strength.

24. CEREAL BOY SINGLE PAGE: adhere to the center Spine as an extra page.

25. TEAR-RESISTANT MAILER FOLDED POCKET PAGE SPREAD: the folded pocket is on the outside of this Page Spread. Attach a separate small pocket on the inside.

26. WINDOW ENVELOPE PAGE SPREAD: adhere the words “You & Me” on the window of the right page.

27. Behind the window, apply Distress Paint and adhere a photo.

28. FOLDED POCKET MAP PAGE SPREAD: sew up the sides of the pockets.

29. Adhere a Single Page on the right page.

30. To create a small envelope from the Animalope die set: die cut the two pieces, fold all crease lines, fold in the two sides and adhere the lower center flap, adhere the top flap to the top tab.

31. PAPER BAG SPREAD: adhere a small envelope to the left page.

32. TEAR-RESISTANT PAGE SPREAD: note that tear-resistant envelopes will self-distress when exposed to a heat gun. I inked the wrinkles for a distressed look. {Tyvek is the brand name for the tear-resistant material used in large postal envelopes}

33. DOILY PAGE: die cut a doily out of a Priority Mail envelope. Trim along one side and adhere to the Spine.

34. Embellish the left page with a world globe. Right page is part of the Padded Mailer Page Spread.

35. PADDED MAILER PAGE SPREAD: adhere a tag to the Spine to create an extra page. Apply Distress Paint.

36. FINISHING: apply Tea Dyed Distress Ink along the edges of the pages using the i-Brush Blender Brush.

37. TASSELS: die cut five tassel shapes from the Paper Orb die set. Adhere the solid tops to make a long strip. Fold a piece of bakers twine and adhere to the back of the top end and, using the i-Grip Reverse Tweezers, start rolling, ending with a bit of adhesive to hold closed. Add a bead, optional, to the twine to finish.

38. BACK COVER: die cut a Single Page out of an old map. Tear along the left edge and adhere. Secure the back flap with washi tape.

If desired, you can continue to add pages before securing the flap on the back of the junk journal. The Mini Album, Accordion die is versatile enough to make a travel journal, memory book or little books for children to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this recycled junk journal project. Happy crafting!

Lynda Kanase


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