New Year Budget Planning with the We R Journal Pocket Punch Board!

 One of the most common New Years resolutions (other than losing weight), is to save more money by budgeting better. A fun way to keep your dollars organized and keep pushing your goals forward is with a budget planner! There are a million different ways to do this, from an accordion folder of cash to creating little savings buckets in your bank account. As crafters, we are always looking for a more creative way to make saving fun, and this project keeps our budget planner bright, colorful and engaging.

Here's what you need:

• We R Memory Keepers Journal Pocket Punch Board (554275)

• We R Memory Keepers Precision Score Board (665752)

• 12"x12" Cardstock Pad
    • We used
the DCWV Double-Sided Cardstock Stack in Color Pop (

• A Planner, Binder, or small album
    • We used a Sn@p Binder (so many colors!) as they have built in dividers and pages (565352)

• Double-sided tape, Tape runner, or other adhesive

• White Cardstock

• Paper Punch (3 Hole punch)

The Journal Pocket Punch is a little tricky, but if you follow the guide and these instructions, you'll do just fine! In the package with the punch board is an instruction sheet and a pocket size guide (this is tucked into a handy holder on the back of the board.) 

On the chart, find your finished pocket size in the first column. The size of paper you'll need is in the third and fourth columns, depending on which type of pocket you're looking to make. We're making two different pockets (see the pink stars). 

Now that you have your paper cut to the correct size, it's time to set your board up. In the second column, the chart tells you which positions your guides need to be in. For the small pocket, we're going to put them in positions A and 1. Note: point the arrows away from the paper.

Place your paper with the longest side on the guide with the letters. Place the cutter in the track and cut your corners. Flip the paper to cut the second side.

Score your bottom flap along the horizontal score line with the included scoring tool. Turn your paper 180 degrees and score along the vertical, flip to do the other side. Fold along your score lines and adhere the flaps together.

Place the top of your pocket under the punch within the letter lines (for this one, it's letter "A".) Press the punch and you've created your first pocket!

Now for the big pocket. The instructions are essentially the same, but we're cutting all four corners this time. 

Set the guides to "F" and "3." Longest side toward "F", and cut the corners.

Score along the short flaps using the punch board. The long flaps you might need to use a larger score board, like the We R Precision score board. Fold flaps and secure three sides with adhesive, leaving the top flap open.

Time to put it all together! Adhere the small pocket to the front of the larger pocket with adhesive or double-sided tape. You can slide a little "deposit" slip in the small pocket, as shown. Use a paper punch on the left side of the large pocket to be able to add your pocket to your planner or binder.

Add your budget tracking page on the left side of your binder layout and insert your pocket in and you're all set! Happy budgeting!

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