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Aitoh offers the largest selection of Japanese Origami papers in the United States and is the source of traditional Japanese paper products and Asian art materials. With nearly 20 years of experience, Aitoh not only prides itself in bringing quality products but also creating innovative products such as Origami and paper kits for all ages to enjoy. 

Sit in on Aitoh's virtual vendor meeting with Notions Marketing. Lots of helpful tips on how to display origami in your store and what add-on accessories go along great with their products.

Helpful information about Origami from Aitoh

Origami is an ancient Japanese craft. It is believed the idea of folding paper to make forms was brought over to Japan in the 6th century from China, and it has grown and become an integral part of Japanese culture and spread across the world. In its most basic form of origami is the art of folding a flat piece of paper into 2-3 dimensional shape. Designs for origami paper come from all over, traditional kimono patterns, designs from Japanese images or just simple or not so simple graphics. 

Did you know origami paper is not just printed copier paper? It has to do with the way the Japanese make paper. They allow the fibers of the wood to be long, eliminate the bark that has the most acid. This gives a sheet that is very strong and sturdy though it is very thin. The process of turning the pulp into paper is also different as they allow the fibers of the pulp to be very disorganized, as opposed to western paper that is shook on its way to being made into paper that straightens the fibers along one dimension. This is why origami paper folds easily no matter the direction.

Origami not only is meant for creating shapes but it's also a great craft paper to use due to its versatility. It's perfect for paper crafting because it can be folded, die cut, stamped, used as embellishments or even works as a paper for gel printing. Use origami paper on your next collage or decoupage project, jewelry making and other crafts too. The paper is so thin that when you collage with it or use it when you decoupage, the thickness of the paper does not build up, giving you that desired smooth look to your finished design. 

A Couple Must Have Aitoh Paper Crafting Tools

Fold, score and crease your origami papers without ruining your nails or getting a paper cut...goals am I right?! 

This very popular tool is ideal for origami, book binding, card making and paper crafts. Any craft store that carries cards, stationary, ect. should offer this tool to their customers. 

Comes in a size medium or large and made of solid, eco friendly bamboo. 

Hand Paper Drill: 

Paper crafters and book binders generally want a perfect hole in the hardest places. Be it in the middle of a card trying to line up a stack of papers or other projects, the problem is that most circle punches have a limited reach as well as a limited hole size. Those are not issues when it comes to Aitoh's Hand Paper Drill. Choose the size bit, easily tighten into place and a make a perfect hole any place you'd like. No need to worry about the reach. Perfect for all paper crafters, book makers, and card makers.

Beautiful example of a notebook created using this handy tool. 

Shop all Aitoh products here: https://bit.ly/3h8P7uM

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