Puppy Painting with DecoArt!

We all know friends or family members (if it’s not you yourself) who added a furry companion into their lives during quarantine. These new additions have brought so much joy and happiness at a time when things were (still are) very uncertain. Dogs have become a wonderful distraction for everyone. It’s important to have a few keepsakes to look back on which will remind us of the time they spent being our emotional supporters and bringing us positive energy when we needed it the most. 

For today’s blog we wanted to supply some creativity for your next craft project. This project is so sweet and simple. It would be great to do with kids or grandkids and if you’re an adult (like me) it turns out it’s still just as cute and special! The piece of art is beautiful and will be perfect to frame and hang it next to a photo or portrait of your pet.

Watch this short video to see Sylvie pup in action!

Step 1: Have your pup(s) on stand by while you gather your supplies! 

Supplies for this project:

   • Paintable Surface

   • DecoArt Paint

   • Peanut Butter

   • Large Resealable Bag

   • Pup(s) ready to paint (lick) away!

Featured Products:

   • Crescent Watercolor Board: http://bit.ly/3jH4ieb

   • DecoArt Extreme Sheen http://bit.ly/3d3UUjm: Bronze (400587), Pearl (139466)

   • DecoArt Dazzling Metallics http://bit.ly/3qeDft3:  Zinc (287371), Gold (135047)

Step 2: Locate your surface and start adding paint blobs of different sizes and colors to it.

Step 3: Grab your resealable bag and cover one side with a thin layer of peanut butter.

Step 4: Once you have the peanut butter on, carefully open your bag and slide your surface with the paint on it. Try not to smear the paint too much when placing it in the bag. 

Step 5: Seal up the bag and let your pup start licking away. Once the peanut butter is almost all gone, it's time to carefully take out the painting out of the bag. 

Step 6: Let it dry.

Step 7: Add any finishing touches- your pup's name and date in the corner or on the back.

We would love to see photos and/or videos of your variation to this fun project. Share with us on Instagram and include #supplyingcreativity so we can check it out. 

Thanks for stopping by. We'll be back in two weeks with more inspiration! 

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha! funny and creative...

  2. Love it, a creative way to be entertained...LOL.

  3. ha ha ha :D That's hilarious! A clever arty puppy :D